Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Write drunk, edit sober - Ernest Hemingway

I have at times heeded that advice! I'm not a big drinker, so drunk may be an exaggerated description of my state of mind when creating a first draft. I can say that I try to write my first draft quickly, on paper and with little care for grammatical accuracy. I rarely create on my computer. Technology is a marvel and a tremendous weapon in my writers armoury, but it saps my creative juices dry, if I overly use it. I have spent too many hours editing on a computer to see it as anything more than a check and balance for my developing work of art. So Hemmingway was right. Wear two hats. One is colourful and frayed at the edges from too much sun. I explore the world wearing my creative hat, searching for new places to inspire and nurture my imagination. My second hat is an open cap, worn by many of the newspaper editors of the 1950s, as they rushed to get their final copy to the printers. Remember this advice and you will write novels you care about and believe in and you may even write them quicker!

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