Thursday, July 30, 2015


Do we have an infinite number of lives? Michael Leon’s haunting  novel, EMISSARY, explores the possibility we live in a multiverse made up of infinite universes. 

The novels main protagonist, Vincent, is haunted by strange nightmares about an alien force in his youth. He believes a shadowy, crawling mass is invading his body. Ultimately institutionalised, he recovers, helped by a distant relative, to lead a normal adult life. But a decade later, the nightmarish shadows return, very real and in pursuit of him and his two close friends (Constantine and Ella). But Vincent soon discovers his friends too are not of this earth. They are Odorphins from Titan with the capability to use complex light holographs to pose as humans. Vincent becomes the unwitting pawn in an alien confrontation spanning many universes as he and his friends are pursued across Europe by a dark force – the Entity. Whilst travelling, Constantine and Ella share their tales of Odorphin culture and their ‘voyages’ across universes, all the while preparing Vincent for the looming confrontation.

Odorphins, a more evolved species, possess light webs, allowing them super human capabilities. They can change shape to suit their surrounds – from soaring bird like in the Earth’s skies to swimming fish like in its ocean depths. They also enhance Vincent’s powers to see hidden dimensions, so that the three may face the Entity in a battle that will influence the course of inter-universe travel. They are drawn to Vincent, believing he holds special powers, but he doubts their faith in him. His disbelief changes when he experiences unearthly powers through immersants, developed by Constanine. He travels at the speed of sound then light, exploring the solar system and the moon of Titan, slowly gaining access to the wonders of other dimensions and ultimately gaining a new perception of his place in the cosmos. 

EMISSARY is a poetic novel spanning the romantic cities of Europe, yet only a step removed from the limitless worlds of the multiverse (infinite universes).

"A wonderful blend of physics and poetry." Chrissie Anthony, author of Quiver.

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