Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Second Wave

I've come to the 'second wave' of my holidays in England. The tourist musings are over and my work begins in ernest. My 'blog proper' commences from this first day in June and will include: mostly my thoughts and experiences as I write my fourth novel, but also general thoughts about my week. Most likely this will consist of ramblings on science (mainly cosmology), philosophy and religion.

It's hard to return to the discipline of regular writing after a two month rail tour across Europe. I know I should have armed myself with pen and paper and become a travel scribe, but after two solid years of writing (three novels) a holiday seemed appropriate. That said, I set a date in the sand - June 1, 2011. Well here it is, not exactly Tim Winton, but hopefully in the days and months ahead the quality of my entries will return to a half acceptable literary level.

First ramblings

Sitting in a cafe on New Street Brighton relaxing over a coffee as all outside in the cold blowy weather rushing to and fro - I used to live that life, deadlines, committments to work colleagues, friends and family. It's important, the battle for survival and support of your inner sanctum, but if you get it half right (in older age) there's a small window of opportunity to lead a more considered life, free from the ebb and tide of social structures and their ever increasing fads. So what endures? What remains as a permanent thread of life? Classical music - well that has endured a handfull of centuries. A good bottle of Bordeau? Even less. Philosophy holds promise but a relatively new pursuit - as is science. Religion? Not my cup of tea. Perhaps science holds a measure of hope in my future as it tries to impassionately measure how we could best survive in a hostile world.

So for me, survival in all its forms holds our attention as it firmly grasps our small lives of around a century if we are lucky. With that in mind I sit in this busy cafe and appreciate the small window of time I have been offered to reflect on enduring themes of human life - Its why I write speculative fiction.

What endures in a social setting that is littered with the swings and mood changes of social fads? Thought, religion, philosopy, science all help us connect with a fundamental truth. We can choose to face that world of reality ahead of fantasy and still hold on to our childhood wonder about the beautiful complex world we live in.

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